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No security crisis goes unheard

So many security problems today are the result of poor communication. A victim pursued by a thief in an underground parking garage can’t find a phone or intercom to call for help; an important package fails to reach its recipient because the delivery person is locked out and can’t notify the right people; an unauthorized person enters an apartment building without being cleared by security.

The good news is that all these examples of communication breakdowns are easily preventable. A Melcour Voice Communication System will remedy the problem in a heartbeat. We can set up intercoms, telephone entry systems and any other voice-oriented communication systems.

Melcour’s security experts have designed, installed and monitored voice communication systems for almost a decade. Our top-notch customer service includes highly affordable prices, jobs done on-time and on-budget, extended warranties and a free written quote on any work we do.

We install intercoms and/or other voice communication systems for multi-residential buildings (apartments, condos, etc.), property management firms, and buildings in countless industries both public and private.

Benefits of Melcour voice communication system

Allows visitors, couriers, arriving staffers and others to communicate remotely with security both internally and externally, creating an extra security barrier for your facility.

Excellent for large facilities that have on-site security staff who need to (a) communicate with each other regularly and (b) respond to distress calls.

Intercoms and microphones are durable, highly resistant to tampering and vandalism.

We can synch your intercom with an integrated security network, allowing you to monitor communication along with every other aspect of your security (access control, video surveillance, etc.)

Melcour is an authorized dealer and installer of Aiphone Communication Systems.

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