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Since 2002, Melcour Security Solutions has been known as a company called in for “sophisticated” security jobs requiring special expertise. For instance, integrating all aspects of a security system, including surveillance, access control and intrusion alarms, into one centralized security network.

Melcour can help you to reduce – or remove – the hassle of managing multiple security systems by synchronizing everything to operate under one, simple to use umbrella.

We regularly design, install and monitor integrated security networks, on-time and at an affordable price, for both the public and private sectors.

Integrating your security network into a centralized backbone

Imagine trying to drive a car that required separate steering for each individual wheel. It would be awfully distracting to keep track of every moving part, wouldn’t it? The same goes for a security system. You may have a firm grasp on your video surveillance but struggle to keep up with tripped alarms or card access. Melcour can fix the problem by integrating your security into one central system or “backbone.”

Our offerings include:

Integrating all your security assets. We can design, install and monitor a system that lets you keep track of every aspect of your security over one network, including card readers, cameras, voice communication systems and intrusion alarms.

Hardwired, “wireless mesh,” or both. We can literally connect all your assets via hardwiring. We can also do it wirelessly, via remote or IP-based system, to create a “wireless mesh” protection network accessible even when you’re not at your building. We can even combine both approaches. Melcour security networks are totally customizable.