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Cctv Surveillance Systems Toronto

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Systems: State-of-the-art cameras and surveillance

For almost a decade, Melcour Security Solutions has been a leading provider of the most technologically advanced and reliable CCTV surveillance systems in the Greater Toronto Area.

From procurement to installation to monitoring, we can customize a video surveillance system to fit your specific business security needs. Our systems include closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) to give you a private feed of any desired location in your facility, whether it’s from the facility itself or you’re viewing it remotely via your smartphone.

The benefits of Melcour CCTV surveillance systems

We can install cameras virtually anywhere in your facility, ensuring coverage of every nook and cranny, inside and/or outside your facility. That even includes hidden cameras, useful for monitoring suspicious behaviour within your company.

A proper surveillance system not only deters theft and vandalism, it can also boost employee morale by making them feel safer day in, day out.

Melcour’s security team has a keen understanding of the latest surveillance technology. That can include equipping your facility with high-definition cameras, which have given us a newfound ability to see minute details that are instrumental in catching perpetrators (i.e. physical features such as tattoos or jewelry). We can also synch your surveillance system to a DVR to digitally record all security camera footage onto a hard drive or seamlessly patch it into your existing network. The security experts at Melcour can integrate security cameras within your existing network structure.

Melcour surveillance systems: making the GTA a safer place

Melcour Security Solutions’ surveillance systems are known for being affordable, reliable and technologically advanced. We service the commercial, government, industrial and institutional sectors, both public and private. Among our most recent work:

A CCTV setup in many of the GTA’s top private schools for supervision, monitoring visitors and identifying unauthorized people on campus.

CCTV at major businesses to prevent theft, vandalism and the like in underground parking garages and around building perimeters.

A CCTV system used in the Ontario government’s youth courts to monitor prisoner transport from the paddy wagon to cells.

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