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Melcour Security is a ULC Listed fire protective signaling system installation company who with our Partner ULC Monitoring Station can provide ULC certified Fire Monitoring as per CAN/ULC Standard S-561. Melcour Security now offers Fire alarm Monitoring to meet current code requirements.

Annual inspections and services are provided by Melcour Security certified Technicians to ensure that the system continues to meet with ongoing code compliance and ULC regulations in order to maintain your ULC certificate.

Our alarm systems can cover every facet of your business, including inside, underground (i.e. parking garages), and building perimeters. They’re ideal for preventing theft and vandalism and for improving company morale by making your employees feel safe.

Our systems can be tailored to your specific needs, including:

Alarm signals sent to a central monitoring station; your facility and resources are protected long after everyone goes home for the day

Door Contacts, Motion sensors, Glassbreak detection for windows, and every possible entry point imaginable.

Perimeter protection added to a security system that can be monitored by a central station.

Sensors designed to identify extreme conditions (i.e. high or low temperatures).

Tailored alarms to signal different types of threats (i.e. door contact, fire alarm, panic room response, holdup alarms and life safety threats).

We also design and install alarms that operate on a keypad, similar to what you might find in smaller offices or residences. We can customize a system to monitor multiple zones within your building and you can program dozens of passcodes into it. The system is easily expandable and can accommodate growing businesses.

Concerned about vandalism, theft or fire? Get the jump on any threat to your business’ security with a Melcour alarm system.

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